The Grail Message Foundation strives for the widest possible availability of the book “In the Light of Truth” the Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin throughout the UK and Ireland.

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Hitherto little is known of this great Chinese sage; we know hardly anything about his life and work....


The Grail Message Composite Volume (Leatherbound)

This is a leatherbound special edition of the Grail Message which contains all of the 3 volumes in composite form...


Why We Live After Death

Why We Live After Death opens the door to a fuller understanding of the totality of our existence, and makes it possible for readers to answer the eternal questions, “What is the meaning...


In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message – Volume I (Paperback)

This book will bring disquiet into many circles; it faces each individual with the decision of his life. For this Message blares forth like a fanfare right into the present time, ruthless,...



The life and work of the forerunner Hjalfdar in prehistoric times....


The Secret of the Blood

The role of the blood is not just to irrigate the tissues. It also forms a connecting link between the immaterial spirit of man and his physical body. This unrecognized role of the blood...


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Ways with the Grail Message

This free booklet provides answers to questions many readers of the Grail Message may have about the Work, the Author and where to find more information...


Answers to Unsolved Questions of Life

This is a free downloadable pdf version of an Introduction to the Grail Message 'In the Light of Truth' by Abd-ru-shin, with selected Lectures...